Isogenic strains

Isogenic strains (inbred strains and F1 hybrids) are like immortal clones of genetically identical individuals. The same genotype can be reproduced indefinitely. They have already made a substantial contribution to biomedical research.

Information on the history, effects of inbreeding, properties, nomenclature and breeding of isogenic strains and the reasons why their use increases statistical power is given in this section.

A table of the characteristics of individual strains of mice and rats is maintained on the Jackson Laboratory web site (see mouse strains and rat strains).

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Inbreeding and its effects
Nomenclature of isogneic strains
Properties of inbred strains
Quality control
Genetic drift
Increase in statistical power from using isogenic strains
Strategy in the use of isogenic strains
Breeding and maintenance of inbred strains
Mouse strains
Rat strains
The history of inbred strains
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Derived strains (e.g. congenic, recombinant and chromosoe substitution strains)